Exclusives 2019 限定商品 Phase 3

General Grievous (D1) (Online Exclusive) (日本国内未発売)

bk5 d1

Imperial Jumptrooper (Gamestop)(日本国内タカラトミー発売)

bk6 jumptrooper

Droid Depot (Galaxy’s Edge)

The First Order (Galaxy’s Edge)

Luke Skywalker  (Death Star Escape) (Target)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) (Walmart)

Luke Skywalker (Yavin) (Shared Convention Exclusive)

Sith Trooper (SDCC)(日本未発売)

bk6 sithtrooper e
bk6 sithtrooper c

Smuggler's Run (Galaxy’s Edge)


bk6 clonecommanderobiwan

Clone Commander Fox (shared Retail Exclusive)

Emperor Palpatine and Throne (Amazon)(国内でもアマゾン限定で発売)

bk6 emprorpalpatine

First Order Elite Snowtrooper (Target)

Heavy Battle Droid (Gaming Greats)(Game Stop)

Heavy Infantry Mandaloroan (D2) (Best Buy)

IG-11 (Best Buy)

C-3PO & Babu Frik (Target)

Chewbacca & C-3PO (Amazon)

Jedi Knight Revan (Gaming Greats)(Game Stop)

Purge Stormtrooper (Game Stop)

Yoda (Force Spirit) (Walmart)

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